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newbie guide

Before you start your couponing and cashback adventures we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Set up a separate dedicated couponing email address and if you can, turn off the spam filter so you can catch all the latest deals.
  • If you dont have one already, set up a Paypal account to receive cashback funds. (Do this if you dont want to be giving out your bank details to multiple sites)
  • Sign up to all of the supermarket loyalty cards and keep them with you at all times. (Useful for Wombling)
  • Follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds and enable notifications.
  • Get a cheap printer and set it as the default printer on your PC.
  • Download and sign up to the following mobile apps:


Shopmium: Sign up here and use the referral code KMMAFKYF to get a free bar of Green and Black's Chocolate.

ClickSnap by Quidco: Sign up here and get £10 cashback when you spend £10 at any retailer and then download the app here 

CheckoutSmart: Download the app here

TopCashBack: Sign up here and get a £5 Amazon gift card once you've earned £10 then download the app here

Shopitize: Download the app here

MySupermarket: Download the app for iPhone and iPad here or for Android here

Receipt Hog: Download the app here and enter the code striw709 to get 5 free "Hog Slots" spins

O2 Priority: Download the app here (O2 customers only) Not an O2 customer? Read this guide for a workaround. 


  • Other essential coupon websites you should sign up to are:


Caring Every Day  - Super Savvy Me - Tesco Coupons - Sainsburys Coupons - My Mail Coupons - Farm Foods Coupons







Use the referral code KMMAFKYF when signing up to Shopmium get a free bar of Green and Black's Chocolate.




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