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What is Wombling?

Wombling is collecting discarded receipts from the supermarket car park or shopping trolleys with the purpose of using them to get money off coupons, loyalty card points or even free food and money!

The most popular wombling targets are:

Asda - If the receipt has 8 or more separate items on then visit and enter the barcode number and see if the shop would have been cheaper in another supermarket. If it would have been, Asda will let you print a coupon for the difference to be used on your next shop.

Morrisons - Any discarded receipts where the shopper hasn't used their "Match and More" card can be used to add those points to your card. The points on your card will build up until you are presented with a money off coupon at the till.

Tesco -  Any discarded receipts where the shopper hasn't used their Clubcard can be used to add those points to your card.

Sainsbury's and Homebase - Any discarded receipts where the shopper hasn't used their Nectar card can be used to add those points to your card. Also look for money off coupons that are printed at the till which most people discard without realising.


Other wombling targets:

Burger King - Womble a receipt from Burger King and then go to and fill out the questionnaire using the details from the receipt. You will get a code which entitles you to a FREE Whopper, Chicken Royale or Veggie Beanburger when you buy a reg fries and reg drink. Write the code on the receipt and show it to the cashier when you order your next meal.

KFC - Download the "Colonel's Club" app and use discarded receipts to collect points towards free fried chicken!

McDonald's - When they have their Monopoly promotion, womble discarded soft drink cups and fries containers for tokens to win free food and other stuff.

Boots, Brewers Fayre and other stores which offer loyalty schemes - Womble discarded receipts which haven't had a loyalty card used and have the points added to your card at the till.


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